Euroalpi: Make Your Flames

Custom pellet stoves
for your home

Heat as unique as our passion

Euroalpi is a company established from the union of a team of carpentry professionals for over thirty years, united by an increasingly insistent demand of the pellet stove market that has evolved towards searching for a product with a low environmental impact.
Euroalpi pellet stoves are the perfect choice for both domestic and industrial use: the excellent performance and the materials used ensure the heat you need, while having special consideration for the environment. Over the years, the company has managed to create its space in the ever-increasing competition of heating products, but the quality, durability and efficiency of Euroalpi products, make it the best choice for a custom product.

Pellet stoves/year

A dynamic and modern company,
focused on innovation, and with an estimated production capacity of 15,000 pellet stoves per year.

heats the home and the heart

All Euroalpi offers are studied and designed by professionals in the heating sector. The design of the pellet stoves is precisely followed by experts who regularly update the offers with completely innovative lines similar to current trends: from the colours to the shapes, each product is designed to achieve the perfect combination between functionality and trend.

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Custom your
pellet stoves

Thanks to a completely independent company business managed by professionals, the pellet stoves can be custom-made according to the customer's request. The uniqueness of a company that is able to manage specific adaptations guaranteeing tight deadlines and competitive prices, is a strength that makes Euroalpi the best choice in certified pellet stoves.

Euroalpi’s complete
Italian quality

To guarantee complete Italian quality, Euroalpi designs and manufactures every single part of the pellet stoves. The motors, electrical and electronic parts are components from proven manufacturers. Each part arriving from external companies undergoes accurate control and testing performed by Euroalpi staff.

Euroalpi creates a custom-made pellet stove just for you. If you want to contact the company for all the information click here!