Accessories for Euroalpi Stoves


Everything for the technology and cleaning of your pellet stove.

Accessories - pellet stove remote control
Pellet stove remote control

To control the Euroalpi pellet stove from a distance, the remote control allows you to switch the appliance on and off without needing to go near it. You can also adjust the temperature by raising or lowering the desired degrees with the special arrows. With the Euroalpi remote control it will also be possible to adjust the power of the pellet stove.

Accessories - Ash vacuum
Ash vacuum

The ash vacuum cleaner is ideal for the daily cleaning of the pellet stove. The single-stage motor for the ash vacuum is di 900W with 17 Kpa suction power. The ash vacuum cleaner weighs 3.6 kg and has an 18-litre tank capacity. The 110-cm long hose is made of flexible metal with a 20-cm metal nozzle.

Accessories - Stainless steel platform for pellet stoves
Stainless steel platform for pellet stoves

The stainless-steel platform to protect the floor is available in two sizes: 735x735x2 mm and 1040x400x2 mm. The ideal accessory to prevent ash from falling directly to the floor and for keeping the room cleaner.

Accessories - Cast iron brazier
Cast iron brazier

The cast iron rack that serves as a brazier for Euroalpi pellet stoves is available in two sizes according to the stove model.

Accessories - Pellet container
Pellet container

The pellet container to be combined with the Euroalpi stove is supplied with small wheels to manoeuvre better. The container capacity is 73 kg. The dimensions of the container are 50x33,5x85 cm.

Accessories - Pellet shovel
Pellet shovel

Practical steel shovel designed for filling the stove with pellets, thus avoiding having to empty the entire bag.

Accessories - Flue kit
Flue kit

The flue kit comprises:
• 2 50 cm steel pipes;
• 2 100 cm steel pipes;
• 1 90°steel elbow;
• 1 steel Tee joint with cap;
• 1 cover ring for pipes;

Accessories - Flue kit for the Bernina and Argentera models
Flue kit for the Bernina and Argentera models

The flue kit for the Bernina and Argentera models:
• 1 90° steel elbow;
• 1 steel Tee joint with cap;

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