The Conto Termico (Energy-Saving Incentives Project) is an incentives programme, set up by the Ministerial Decree dated 28th December 2012, the aim of which is to stimulate the increase of energy efficiency in pre-existing buildings and energy production from renewable energy sources.

Who is eligible?

The incentives can be applied for by private entities or individuals, subjects who have a business or agricultural income and the Public Administration.

How do you obtain the incentive?

By substituting your old low efficiency heat generator (with a nominal power inferior to 35 fuelled by diesel fuel, lpg, methane gas, wood or pellets) for winter heating with heat generators running on biomass fuels, for example, pellets, with high energy efficiency and low dust emissions into the atmosphere (Art. 4 comma 2, letter b of the Ministerial Decree dated 28.12.2012). Farms, for example tourist farms, are not obliged to change the old generator, if it is one of the ones listed in the decree at Art. 4, comma 2, letter b.

How is the incentive calculated?

The incentives are calculated on the basis of the characteristics of the product and in particular on the performance of the appliance, the quantity of dust emitted during combustion and the climate zone in which it will be installed. The more the product is efficient and is environmentally friendly, the higher the incentive: up to about 50% of the value of the plant. The following conditions are necessary for maintaining a performance which respects the environment and saves money: correct installation, the use of quality-certified fuel, and last but not least in importance, regular maintenance both of the appliance and the flue.

Who pays out the incentive money?

The incentives are paid out on an annual basis by the GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici or Energy Manager) directly through a bank transfer into a current account indicated by the beneficiary. The incentives are paid out in twice-yearly payments, unlike the tax benefits planned in the Budget. With the Energy- Saving Incentives (Conto Termico), it is not necessary to have taxes to pay, from which you deduct the costs of the operation.

To find out more

We invite you to visit the GSE site.

Download the list of energy-saving incentives for Euroalpi