Infinite Colour Possibilities

Euroalpi is able to satisfy any colour requests from our clients, thanks to our own in-house department.

The special construction of the door, which is fitted with a double ventilated surface, frees us from the necessity to use only heat-resistant paints. We can therefore supply our stoves with coloured sides and door frames, with no limitations in the range of colours that can be used. This special feature makes it possible for us to satisfy all our client’s needs, because we can completely customise the stove, and supply it in the colour which is most appropriate for the area to be heated.

New in 2014

U.S. Design

In its production line, Euroalpi has implemented a new process of sublimation coating which makes it possible to customise every single stove, making it a unique, design product which is not only an excellent heating source but also a real feature of the décor. Thanks to this new “coating” process, we are able to recreate any image at all, from the reproduction of a famous painting, to the imitation of wood, stone, etc… and give free rein to your imagination (in compliance with author’s copyright).

Any colour variations which are not present in the catalogue can only be realised with a minumum order and with a slight increase in price compared to the price list. 

Ask your local distributor for information.

Some Examples

Gerbera flowers on stones

Walnut wood effect

Tropical landscape