Weekly thermostat timer: can be programmed for 4 daily ignitions/shut-downs Room temperature sensor: greater comfort with significant savings in consumption
Self-cleaning brazier: this keeps the stove yield constant, thus reducing the need for ordinary cleaning GSM connection: check on and control your stove from a cell phone or tablet
Essential oils holder: the stove can also be used for air freshening or for aromatherapy Controllo elettronico della combustione: autoregolazione dei parametri per un sensibile aumento della resa termica
Self-cleaning glass: a specific air-conveying system significantly reduces soot deposits on the glass Regulation of the quantity of pellets funnelled into the combustion chamber
Enhanced efficiency, with a yield that always exceeds 89.5%; also low CO emissions (13%) and emissions of micro- particles Simplified maintenance, thanks to the interlocking partitions (no screws necessary)
Multi-language display: for easy reading and programming of the stove Channeled stove: fitted with channels for the diffusion of heat into other rooms
Forced air system: permits greater heat diffusion in the room Remote control: for ignition/shut-down, temperature regulation and flame regulation
Boiler stove: can be connected to the radiators in the building, to supply the radiators or the under-floor heating system with hot water External thermostat: the appliance is fitted with an external thermostat for heat regulation