The characteristics of Euroalpi stoves
Excellent quality and performance, equipment which further improves the efficiency of our products, the sure knowledge that we are producing to standards which are more and more rigorous, these are the characteristics that set Euroalpi stoves apart from the rest.

High performance and low dust emissions
Euroalpi stoves are characterised by thermal yields which are among the best on the market, and by low dust emissions into the atmosphere: moreover, these values are certified by a European certification body.

Body and combustion chamber
The stove body is made from steel with high resistance to heat.
The outer casing of the body is manufactured with a multi-layer shape with an internal cavity for better heat distribution. This particular type of construction guarantees that the structure has a non-deformable body which is resistant to high temperatures..
The combustion chamber consists of a further layer in very thick stainless steel, which is easy to remove for maintenance to be carried out, even by the user.  

Heat Exchanger
Most of the Euroalpi stoves are manufactured with a special heat exchanger with a large exchange surface, which needs no maintenance, because it is built inside the combustion chamber. This means that the stove has constant heat production.  

Modulating Tangential Fan
The distribution of the environmental air is managed automatically by an electronic system which regulates the speed of the tangential fan in accordance with the pre-programmed temperature.  

Safety Systems
Euroalpi stoves are fitted with a safety system ready to intervene immediately in the event of a system fault. The display shows the user the reason for the fault.

Total Clean Energy
The production of biomass energy (pellets, wood, etc.) makes it possible to eliminate the waste products produced by forestry activity and produce heat energy at the same time, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels such as oil. The combustion of biomasses only releases the same quantity of carbon assimilated by plants during their growth, and a quantity of sulphur and nitrogen oxide which is significantly lower than that released by fossil fuels.   The work of reforestation in semi-desert zones in order to produce biomasses brings about the recovery of lands which would otherwise be abandoned, but it also indirectly improves the quality of the air we breathe.   In fact, plants have an important role as the “green lung” of the planet, and reduce pollution and the carbon dioxide present in the air.

EuroAlpi Stoves Respect the Environment
Protecting citizens’ health and the environment is an important characteristic of Euroalpi stoves, which comply with the most stringent regulations which limit the concentration of air pollutants produced by biomass  combustion. EuroAlpi products qualify for the Thermal Incentive Account, because they are built to respect the environment.