The conventional Z.F.Srl guarantee has a duration of 24 months from the equipment purchase date and it covers all the components of the equipment as well as the repair and supply of any component shown to have manufacturing defects.

The conventional Warranty is guaranteed by Z.F. Srl provided that:

  • the start-up of the machine and any later repair work is carried out by qualified personnel which are authorised by Z.F.Srl
  • the machine is installed in compliance with current legislation and the regulations contained in the Instruction Manual supplied with the machine.
  • the machine is maintained in the correct way and in conformity with current legislation and the regulations contained in the Instruction Manual.

During the period covered by the guarantee, Z.F.Srl reserves the right to offer the best solution, whether it is to repair the part or to substitute it, in order to resolve any “lack of conformity” which might occur in the machine. It should nevertheless be understood that any remedial action taken will not modify the guarantee period or the cover of the machine which the guarantee offers.

The Conventional Guarantee is rendered null and void in the following cases:

  • damage caused during transportation
  • insufficient periodic general maintenance
  • non-compliance with the instructions contained in the Instruction Manual supplied with the machine
  • inefficiency of parts of the plant on which the machine depends
  • electrical or hydraulic plants which do not comply with current regulations
  • handling by technical personnel not authorised by Z.F.Srl
  • inappropriate use of the machine for reasons not foreseen or with methods not described in the Instruction Manual
  • use of spare parts, components and accessories which are not original or are not approved by Z.F. Srl (under no circumstances can non-original parts be repaired or substituted)
  • acts of God such as frost, overheating, fire, lightning, vandalism, unforeseeable circumstances, etc.
  •  causes which are not attributable to Z.F. Srl

These above-mentioned conventional Guarantee conditions cannot be modified in any way and/or by third parties.

For any controversy, the competent court of law will exclusively be that of Vicenza.

WARNING: For certain products it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning that will ensure minimum consumption and maximum comfort. You are therefore advised to sign an annual maintenance contract with our A.A.C. (Authorised Assistance Centre).