Our pre-sales service is dedicated to helping the customer choose the right product, and to guaranteeing its correct functioning and installation. It also gives information about the nearest local retailers and current sales promotions.

The Initial Installation Service is carried out by certified, qualified technicians.

A qualified post-sales assistance service is available to guarantee both ordinary and special maintenance. The service is complete with a permanent telephone and online support, which in most cases is able quickly to resolve the main problems without any cost to the private customer.

Conventional European Guarantee – 24 months

The guarantee is extended to 36 months for air pellet stoves. We can offer an extension beyond the conventional obligatory guarantee. Contact your local retailer or phone us for more detailed information.

Certified for safety and reliability. All our products are tested and certified in accordance with the strictest international norms. Displaying the brand and the certification number guarantees that the product purchased has been checked and certified in compliance with the highest level of quality standards.  

Spare parts service to guarantee the availability of every spare part for all our stove models over time.